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Naval Anchorage Housing Scheme, Islamabad

Pakistan Navy Officers Housing Scheme Naval Anchorage Islamabad took a leap in 1989 with a view to provide a comfortable living place to its Officers and men who dedicated their whole lives in serving and defending this nation and the motherland. The need of this housing scheme was also felt for the wards of those Shuhadas who sacrificed their lives on active duties. Therefore, this Housing Scheme was purely made on the principle of a better living place and not as a commercial entity. As a result, the Housing Scheme has emerged as one of the best Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad which are famous for their comfort, natural beauty, safety and peaceful environment. For the reason, the prices of plots at Naval Anchorage are increasing day by day.

Naval Anchorage Islamabad situated in Zone-V of Islamabad Capital Territory at an approximate distance of 20 Kms from Zero Point on Main Islamabad Expressway and just a 10 minutes drive from Airport in the picturesque Soan Valley. Keeping in view the comfort and safety, it was intentionally built with a depth of 3 km inside with its own dedicated hassle free and commuter's friendly double road from main Islamabad Expressway to Naval Anchorage Main Gate. Hundreds of families are already residing in this safe and peaceful scheme and hundreds of other houses are under construction.

The natural topography of the scheme was maintained at the time of its designing by M/s NESPAK. It has excellent water availability with all the other amenities of the highest class like underground electricity, best sewer system, carpeted roads, underground PTCL and dish cable lines. Millions of lush green trees and plants adds to its beauty and environmental friendly atmosphere.

The Housing Scheme has its own Naval Anchorage Medical Centre (NAMC),Bahria Foundation College,Brainiacs Montessori & Junior School, Property Exchange Centre (PEC),Sports Complex and shops for basic necessities. It has a dedicated Building and Maintenance Control Department and top class Security System with Quick Response Force (QRF). In near future, main campus of Bahria College Islamabad and a Club House will also be built to further facilitate the residents.
Naval Anchorage Islamabad is being administered by Housing Directorate Naval Headquarters at PNS ZAFAR Sector E-8, Islamabad.

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